Our mission at Stillpoint is to be a healing solution. We embrace the holistic philosophy of healing that encompasses wellness of mind, body and spirit which can be a natural complement to conventional medicine. We hope and work for integrated healing that embodies the best of both in a mutually supportive framework.

Whether you are striving for excellent health or dealing with a serious illness,
we can assist you in obtaining your goals.

When it comes to health, prevention is something we have all heard about. Benjamin Franklin has been quoted many times, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” There are many ways we can support our body’s health, but first we need to be aware of what our health condition is and what areas to target.

Most diseases do not appear overnight. In most cases, disease silently develops for years before its damaging effects can be detected or felt in daily life. Our bodies are amazing in that they are constantly fighting disease and processing toxins, all while we go about our routines, typically unaware of potential issues.

Early Detection of InflamationExtensive research has clearly proven that a common link and precursor to almost all diseases, including cancers, is inflammation. Inflammation is invisible to the human eye, as well as conventional tests like MRI, X-ray, Mammogram, and Ultrasound, for example.

Thermography is a safe, non-invasive imaging technology that is completely unique in its ability to see the function, or physiology, of the body. It views this physiology by measuring the infrared thermal patterns, or heat, being emitted from the body. And what does inflammation, that common-denominator in many diseases, generate? Heat.

“I have found it is the best way to find out what your body is up to! Prevention is the best way to handle physical challenges and thermography tells you what you need to focus on.”

It’s Safe & Easy

Enjoy worry-free breast and full body screening with no pain, no radiation, and no compression or body contact.

Often used as a “first glance” of your body’s condition, add thermography to your yearly health check-up!

Thermography is able to assist in the detection of a number of other conditions and is very helpful in monitoring therapy, ensuring that the patient is seeing progress.
…So why not take a look?


*Aiding in the early detection of disease and pathology, including suspicious Breast pathology
*Determining the root cause of pain
*Evaluating significant soft-tissue injury or sensory-nerve irritation
*Defining a previously diagnosed injury or condition
*Identifying an abnormal area for further diagnostic testing
*Follow-up progress of healing and rehabilitation
*Breast Issues (fibrocystic conditions, mastitis, & lymph congestion for example)
*Artery Conditions (stroke potential or inflammation, for example)
*Vein Conditions (deep vein thrombosis, for example)
*Gut Health, Gallbladder Issues, Diaphragm Restriction (liver, pancreas, gall bladder, ascending/descending colon, kidneys, for example)
​*Pre-Diabetic Screening
​*Dental/Periodontal Issues (even before your dentist can detect)
​*Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Immune Deficiency​
​*Inflammatory Pain
​*Carpal Tunnel
​*Nerve Damage
​*Sports Injuries

…and much more!

Stillpoint Imaging is pleased to be offering Thermography services in the Greater Tampa Bay Area and has locations in Tampa, Palm Harbor, Pinellas Park and Saint Petersburg, Florida. Please call 727-729-2711 to schedule an appointment at a location nearest to you.