Detecting Risk Factors with Thermography

Thermography is a screening tool that can detect risk factors so plans can be put into action to improve your health and reverse developing pathology. This is prevention, not just early detection. It is safe, there is no radiation, it is noninvasive and is FDA approved.

Thyroid areaThermography is a window to the inside of your body to help you and your health care practitioner put together a game plan so that you know the efforts you are making are truly beneficial.

Just as we all have bacteria and viruses in our bodies, we all have cancer cells too. So why do they grow and develop in some people and not in others? There is almost never just one cause, but an accumulation of factors.

One important factor is the terrain of the body. All disease grows in an acidic, congested environment. The perfect breeding ground for disease is a body that is under constant emotional stress, sleep-deprived, and fed a steady diet of junk food, which is full of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and sugar. Add foods that have been genetically modified (GMOs) and radiated until there is no nutritional value, and you contribute to an already unhealthy situation.

thermography of bodyOnce again, it is the accumulation of factors, not any single one, that add up to trouble. So, it makes equal sense that if we make small changes every day those can add up too. Among the changes are: eating organic, avoiding GMO’s, getting a good night’s sleep and detoxifying regularly.

There are many things that we can do to avoid “dis-ease”, but knowing your risk factors should be at the top of everyone’s list. With proper risk assessment, we can develop an action plan for improving our health or even reversing existing developments. Knowledge is power so the best thing to do on your journey to health and well-being is to take action!

If your body was moving in the direction of developing a disease, wouldn’t you want to know that before the diagnosis, or would you rather find out after the fact? Don’t you think a better option is not getting that diagnosis in the first place?

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