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Adding Service Location in Palm Harbor

Newsbrief: Stillpoint Health Thermal Imaging Expands Thermography Practice to Palm Harbor at East West Healing Solutions

Stillpoint Health Thermal Imaging has expanded it’s Thermography Practice into Palm Harbor at East West Healing Solutions.

Stillpoint Health Thermal ImagingStillpoint Health Thermal Imaging provides Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI or Thermography) services in the greater Tampa Bay Area at several locations.

Thermal imaging is a non-invasive FDA approved clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring diseases and physical injuries by indicating the thermal abnormalities present in the body.

East West Healing SolutionsEast West Healing Solutions bridges the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine in helping patients enjoy optimum health. East West Healing Solutions provides non-pharmaceutical pain relief solutions and offers several complimentary healing solutions.

“I am thrilled to be working with East West Healing Solutions and offering my Thermography services to their patients in the Palm Harbor and North Pinellas County area,” stated June Drennon, owner of Stillpoint Health Thermal Imaging.

“Focusing on the health of the whole body is the cornerstone of our practice at East West Healing Solutions and we are pleased to provide Thermography services through Stillpoint Health Thermal Imaging at our wellness center in Palm Harbor,” stated Dr. Marie Perkins, founder of East West Healing Solutions.

Both companies are passionate about working with men and women who care about the state of their health and believe that it is important to practice proactive health care.

Stillpoint Imaging, East West Healing Solutions

About Stillpoint Health Thermal Imaging:
June Carver Drennon, owner of Stillpoint Health Thermal Imaging, has been certified as a Clinical Thermographer since 2008 from ACCT (The American College of Clinical Thermography) and operated a successful thermography business in Tennessee for approximately ten years, prior to moving to Florida. Additionally, she owned a clinic in the wellness field over the past fifteen years and has certifications in Colon Hydrotherapy and Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.
June enjoys helping people empower themselves so that they may be proactive and possess the health and wellbeing that they desire. Thermography is an excellent screening tool to identify risk factors and help prevent and monitor developing pathology.

About East West Healing Solutions:
Dr. Marie Perkins, OTR/L, LMT, DOM, Dipl. Ac., founder of East West Healing Solutions, is one of the most recognized practitioners in Palm Harbor as a “non-pharmaceutical” pain specialist.

Dr. Perkins goal in founding East West Healing Solutions was to be a pioneer in the community working at bridging the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine. She has established strong partnerships with Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Pain Management Physicians, Doctors of Chiropractic, Rehabilitative Specialists, Athletic Directors, Coaches and Personal Injury Attorneys in the community proving not only that it can be done but also that a cohesive team approach is often the most efficient way to help a patient..